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Classical & Christian

A classical education rooted in a Lutheran world-view.


Our Mission

Our mission is to nourish our students with a classical education that instills truth, goodness, and beauty by emphasizing and adhering to the Holy Word of God. Focusing on the traditions and teachings of the universal Christian Church, we will prepare our students to faithfully serve in the home, the Church, and the community.


Through careful attention to our students' spiritual, mental, and physical habits, we will unite with parents and the Church to form a loving partnership focused on teaching the students to imitate Christ and lead them to grow in fear, wisdom, knowledge, and love of the Lord.



Is the purpose of education simply so that we can get a job and retire? At Trinity, we believe that knowledge – knowing what things are –leads to the pursuit of wisdom – knowing how things harmoniously fit together. We see education as training our students to pursue wisdom and truth. We desire to create life-long learners by moving their souls toward what is good and beautiful.


High school is more than a diploma. Trinity Lutheran Classical encourages students to explore new interests, challenge themselves in rigorous academic settings, and develop meaningful relationships with their peers and teachers. They’re encouraged to pursue Christ, dig deeper, and serve others.




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