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Strong Minds • Strong Bodies • Strong Spirits


From Headmaster Brandon Koble

Welcome, Prospective Students and Parents! Trinity Lutheran Classical High School is a community where we aim to partner with you in raising Godly well-educated citizens to serve in vocations within the home, the Church, and society.

Our school bases its classical curriculum on the Christian faith in a Lutheran context, a solid grounding in fundamental academic skills, and an exploration of the arts and sciences. A classical curriculum was the education of America’s Founding Fathers and many others before them. I encourage you to visit and see if Trinity Lutheran Classical would be a good fit for you and your student. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Classical Education

Classical Lutheran education is a conscious return to the historical goal of education: teaching students to think and learn for themselves by imparting to them the tools of learning. Our classes include a brief teaching of the material, followed by Socratic discussions and independent work with the teacher available to answer questions. This method teaches the student the skills to read and write well by seeing and imitating the very best that our tradition has to offer. They will interact with topics through discussion and taking notes on teachers’ and fellow students’ comments, enabling them to remember what they’ve read and make it their own. Our smaller size and integration of materials from all our classes make our discussions more fruitful and well-rounded.


Our school days begin with Matins in our sanctuary. We gather as a family to hear God’s Word, and respond to Him with our songs of thanks and praise. The sanctuary is the foundation and the focal point of all we do at Trinity Lutheran Classical High School. Families are invited to stay for our Matins services each day. Trinity Lutheran Church also celebrates numerous church feasts and festival days throughout the church year, in which our school families are encouraged to participate.


Students will have the opportunity to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities through a partnership with Martin Luther High School in Greendale. At our student orientation, we will gauge interest in clubs (such as debate, chess, robotics, forensics, drama, etc.), service organizations, and music and plan which we will participate in next year. As Trinity Lutheran Classical grows, we will participate in a house program where older students will be partnered with younger students. The houses will compete in a point system, and a house cup will be awarded yearly.

Parents & Families

We will host opportunities for parents and families to build their classical knowledge each year by hosting reading clubs, theme nights, and informational sessions. The more engaged our parents are in the academic development of our students, the greater the learning and the more enriching the student’s experience will be during their time at Trinity. A full calendar of events and opportunities will be published at student orientation each year.

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