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We take an integrated approach to our curriculum. We believe that our God is one, and thus, the universe He has created is interrelated. More than this, we believe that the universe helps reveal aspects of God to us. Our curriculum reflects the interconnectedness of God and His creation.


Trinity’s curriculum intentionally brings together history, philosophy, literature, arts, sciences, and mathematics, all seen through the lens of Lutheran theology to provide students with a firm and wide foundation of faith and practice that they can spend the rest of their lives building upon.


We take an ad fontes approach to learning, meaning we return to the original sources and read them together so that we can formulate our own thoughts. Our students learn Latin and Greek, interacting with some of the greatest minds in the Western world in the languages they wrote in. Our curriculum moves chronologically through history while focusing on topical units of study.


Our approach melds together the seven liberal arts and the seven practical arts. The liberal arts are grounded in the trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. On this foundation, we build the quadrivium: arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy. In addition to the seven liberal arts, we will incorporate aspects of the seven practical arts. These include fabric making, armament, commerce, agriculture, hunting, medicine, and theatrics. We assist students in discerning the gifts God has given them and work with them to see how best to use those gifts to serve Him and their neighbor.


Our students can choose between three paths of study: foundational, honors, and distinguished. Foundational students will be challenged by reading selections of original sources, writing both for research and creatively, and fully grounded in classical math and sciences. Our honors students must take at least eight courses as honors courses. They must read full texts and not just excerpts in their honors courses and will have additional writing and lab assignments. To graduate as distinguished, a student must take all courses as honors courses. The course offerings are linked below, along with the reading lists for our courses.

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